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How To Channel Frustration Into Money

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I’m not gonna sugarcoat this

It’s time for all women to be impatient about the ongoing injustices and every bullshit story told about what we can and can’t do. Women need to work as smart as their ancestors did hard—especially women of color. 

Our time is well overdue, so we need to find faster, cheaper, and better ways to make money and get things done. If that gets us called bitchy, bossy, and demanding.  I guess that puts us in the same camp as successful white men.  Which means we are heading in the right direction.

If we stay on the path we are currently on, Latinx women are on track to achieve pay parity in 199 years; today, she is making $0.55*. Native American women are making $0.60*.  Black women are making $0.63* and are on track to reach pay equity in 112 years.  White women are making $0.79 with pay parity in 34 years.  Asian women are making $0.87* with pay parity in 4 years.  

We can’t wait for equality; we have to take what is rightfully ours and be impatient about it. 

* per dollar earned by white working men - Source

I came across this Ages to Equity map in a National Geographic article.  I couldn't stop thinking about it; it kept me up at night. I was thinking about women’s labor history and how white men treated women’s work as inferior to keep it cheap by doing that, destroying any chances of pay equity based on gender, race, or both.

Society put women into spiritual and menial camps to further racialize labor. Women that supervised the household and guided children in life and education were seen as doing the spiritual work, most often done by privileged white women. Immigrants and women of color carried out the taxing and tiresome housework because it appeared to require less skill and intellect. 

Still today, more women of color are doing menial jobs more than white women. No one can explain why - other than discrimination. There is no other way to interpret the unexplained pay gap between genders and race. 

There is another factor worth mentioning: women are financially and emotionally affected, even triggered because of their loss of financial independence during this pandemic.  Many women have been forced to quit their jobs and stay home to take care of their kids.  This expands the gap further.  So, we’ve to earn the right to be impatient af. 

Here's a timeline showing: The Ages To Equity - Quick Figure

Source:  Institute For Women's Policy Research

2025 The first woman to land on the moon (wtf, I couldn’t believe it!)

2025 Asian women likely to reach pay equity in 4 years

2050 Whites expected to make up less than 50% of U.S

2055 White women can reach pay equity in 34 years

2060 Halley’s comet returns every 76 years (a stat for context)

2065 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery

2100 Low lying coastal cities in the U.S could be underwater

2110 Gender gap among U.S Congress members projected to close

2120 200th anniversary of women's suffrage in the U.S

2133 Black women could reach pay equity in 112 years or 4.5 generations

2140 Halley’s comet is back

2175 400th anniversary of United States Independence 

2215 Halley’s comet is back again

2220 Latinx women projected to reach pay equity in 199 years or 8 generations

2230 Pluto is closer to the sun than Neptune, which occurs every 248 years

The Protocol

This week's protocol is all about generating money fast.  It’s not lost on me that we need more significant payoffs in the long run.  Today this protocol is dedicated to channeling the rage into money.

  1. Make a list of all the ways you can make money or use your talents to provide a service. 
  • Don’t overthink this. Now is not the time to judge every idea or determine whether it’s viable. The best ideas are spontaneous; just write them down as they come. 
  • Sell anything you’re not using. 
  • Create an online retreat and invite your friends, family, IG followers, and email list
  • Start a challenge we could all benefit from and charge people a membership. 
  • Raise your rates. How can you improve the experience with tweaks and charge a lot more?
  • Evaluate up and down the value chain, cancel everything you’re not using, and negotiate anything you’re paying too much for. 
  • Create an e-book and guides and sell them on your website, IG, or email. 

What might be possible when you approach this from a place of curiosity?  

The ideas are endless; these are just a few to get you started.  The point is to inspire creativity and channel your energy towards financial independence. 

  1. Make a decision - and commit to an idea, the sweet spot of something you want to do and something people need.
  2. Quiet your inner critic
  3. Decide what is good enough.
  4. Ship your project.

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